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Vanguard Attorneys is committed to the safety of our staff, and clients during the current Coronavirus emergency. We have tested our emergency protocol which allows nearly every task to be done from remote locations, in the event this is necessary it will ensure our cases continue moving forward through the duration of this emergency.

Current clients, co-counsel, and opposition counsel are encouraged to continue corresponding with your team here as you have been. For those who are currently seeking an attorney, please call our office at 813-471-4444 to speak with us, complete a form here, or engage with our chat representatives. Our phone system easily routes calls to team members even when they need to work remotely. Considering the current climate, we are offering video consultations with our attorneys in lieu of in person meetings.

We understand that justice delayed is justice denied and will continue fighting for our clients to ensure this emergency has as little impact on their cases as possible. When this event is over we look forward to seeing all of our clients again in person!