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Case Results

$4.75M Car Accident Our client sustained a brain injury and broken bones when a delivery truck driver attempted to take a left turn across traffic in front of our client who had the right of way.
$3.8M Motorcycle Accident Our client who was riding a motorcycle and struck by a negligent automobile driver.
$3.8M Motorcycle Accident The driver of the automobile claimed not to have seen our client, and their insurance company refused to settle prior to trial. The client required surgery to his knee and foot, additionally he broke his right toe and a finger.
$2.5M Medical Malpractice Our client passed away because of an infection after surgery. The hospital’s staff failed to properly follow up and report the signs of the patient's deteriorating condition in time to save her.
$2.25M Car Accident We settled the case for $2.25 million after the defense initially only offered the $10,000 policy limits, trying to lowball our client.
$1.2M Car Accident We recovered $1.2 Million for a truck driver despite only $600,000 of available insurance.
$1.2M Car Accident The accident involved a rear end collision when the motorist had fallen asleep at the wheel. While not always possible in this instance the client obtained payment in excess of the available policy limits.
$1M Wrongful Death A delivery driver neglected to see our client while turning at an intersection and unfortunately took our client’s life.
$1M Car Accident Our client was t-boned and spun out. The other driver claimed our client was at fault.
$1M Car Accident The case settled given an upcoming trial allowing us to recover damages for her injuries to her neck, shoulder, and back.
$1M Slip and Fall Obtained a settlement of over $1M against one of the largest department stores in the United States
$1M Slip and Fall The store's failure to adequately warn our client of a tripping hazard which resulted in a permanent leg injury.
$700K Premises Liability The other side argued that our client could not have been injured given the minimal property damage but nevertheless a jury award over $700,000 for injuries to his neck and back.
$490K Car Accident Our client was injured in a three car collision when he was rear-ended by a truck driver on I-75 who was changing lanes and failed to observe his vehicle.
Insurance Paid Car Accident Vanguard Attorneys obtained a successful jury verdict in a car crash case.
Insurance Paid Car Accident Vanguard forced the client’s own insurance company to pay all of our attorneys’ fees and costs so the client could keep his entire jury award.