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Client Testimonials

Five Golden Stars “I was extremely impressed by my Vanguard family. Very professional - and caring on a personal level. Their entire team followed me after my accident making sure I was okay and taken care of. They were always available and eager to help. I would definitely recommend them.” Mike Parsons
Five Golden Stars “Vanguard has been a blessing to myself and my family. They truly care about you and treat you as such! In a situation where most feel lost, they make sure to guide you through it all!” Colton Mulholland
Five Golden Stars “If you want a law firm that will fight for you then choose Vanguard. The professionalism is right on point, responsiveness is timely and you get the results you want and deserve. I had the best experience with Grace Altieri. My daughter was in a bad accident that totaled our family car. If I could rate higher I would. This firm is genuinely invested in meeting your needs. Let's just say, we were well compensated and received additional compensation that I wasn't aware that we were entitled to. So yes, I'm all for the Vanguard law firm. Excellent representation.” Thelsuice Gonzalez
Five Golden Stars “Vanguard was referred to me by someone I trust and know, who too was also a client of theirs! I am so glad I found them. Grace was really helpful with all of the insurance paperwork and she negotiated with the doctors so I was able to keep more of the settlement. Grace so loving and kind, was always available and went out of her way to keep me updated! That really made me know they cared especially with the immediate responses to my questions. Karina was my astounding attorney and she did a great job explaining the process from the start and also what to expect during each step in the process. It was definitely a relief to have some one really break it down for me. HOWEVER! It was clear the insurance company wasn’t taking my accident seriously at first but after Karina began negotiating on my behalf, they understood how much of an impact this was having on my life. I wish the other driver hadn’t causes this accident but I’m grateful I found Vanguard, I don’t know what I would have done without them. If you need someone to have your back its them! You wont regret it.” Krista Clark
Five Golden Stars “Vanguard attorneys went above and beyond with my injury claim. They checked up on me regularly and made sure I was receiving proper treatment and care throughout my ordeal. There was very little lifting by me as they took care of just about everything. Special thanks to Karina, Grace and Kristen for making this an easier process than what I thought it would be. I highly recommend them if you are looking for some of the best legal representation out there.” Jean Philippe Douillard
Five Golden Stars “If I could give 10 stars I would. Vanguard made sure to keep me informed about my case and there was never any confusion throughout my case. They made sure to send me documents and keep me updated and also reminded me of appointments sometimes which I found very impressive because I would forget some and I’m not sure most law firms for auto accidents do that. Aside from that, Philip Weylie, My attorney was amazing informing me of the important matters I needed to take care of and with moving forward considering the amount of stress I was dealing with at the time. I was in an additional accident in the middle of my first and Philip and Vanguard was there for me for both emotionally, and mentally. In addition, Grace was also amazing at helping me get my medical costs down so that I was still compensated a wonderful amount for any future aches or pains. I want to say I’m very impressed but I can’t because I was sure I’d chosen the right law firm for BOTH of my auto accidents. Thank you Vanguard and a special thanks to Philip and Grace. Keep up the AMAZING work!” Briana Ingram
Five Golden Stars “My husband and I couldn't be more satisfied with the team of professionals that recently handled our case at Vanguard Attorneys. If we had to do it all over, we would choose them again. They were excellent at keeping us informed on progress and following up on any questions that we had. Thank You all for helping us through a very difficult time which required legal assistance.” Susan Wolfe
Five Golden Stars “Professional approach. Active in community involvement. We are fortunate to have a firm with such balance, grit and thoughtfulness. Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, Vanguard Attorneys have always showed heart when is comes to community activities and social issues they can get behind. We are fortunate to have such support form VG.” Preston Jackson
Five Golden Stars “Had a great experience with Grace, Karina and everyone at Vanguard. You will be well taken care of if you need help after an accident.” Glen A.
Five Golden Stars “I just want to give a big Thanks to Vanguard Attorneys, for all the support and help along the way with this car accident that had me mentally drained as well as physically. It’s always good to know that total strangers have your back the way they do, no matter what my issue was they were there for me. With all the million of questions and crying I had not once did they show frustration, they wanted to help fix my issue so that I can go back to having a normal day to day life. They have turned a horrible experience into a good situation for me. I will forever be grateful for all the staff there that played a part.” Keshia & Amazing Conyers
Five Golden Stars “The staff is very efficient and professional. I appreciate Vanguard law firm. I work closely with Grace who help facilitate the process.” Rene M.
Five Golden Stars “Vanguard went way above and beyond. I would recommend them to anyone.” Michael Terwilliger
Five Golden Stars “Mi esposo estuvo involucrado en un accidente y intentamos resolver el problema nosotros mismos. Cuando la compañía de seguros ignoró y se negó a escucharnos, no estaba seguro de qué hacer y me preocupaba que no nos trataran de manera justa a pesar de que no hicimos nada malo. Una vez que hablé con Grace en Vanguard, todo se volvió mucho más fácil. Sin la ayuda de Grace y Vanguard, no sé cómo hubiéramos superado esto. Gracias, Vanguard.” Patricia Herrera