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Which agency monitors the sale and registration of vehicles and vessels within the state?

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The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) monitors the sale and registration of vehicles and vessels within the state of Florida.

The FLHSMV agency monitors the sale and registration of vehicles and vessels within the state

The FLHSMV also conducts driver licensing, oversees dealers/repairers, improves highway safety, manages the Highway Patrol, and performs other activities to serve Florida residents and travelers.

The diverse efforts of the agency all contribute to transportation safety and compliance.

Driver Licensing

Another core responsibility of the FLHSMV is overseeing driver licensing.

The agency is tasked with issuing driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, ID cards and maintaining records of licensed drivers in Florida.

It manages the testing process including written exams and road tests required to obtain a license.

The FLHSMV investigates license fraud and oversees driver education programs.

Through its licensing powers, the agency certifies and monitors eligible drivers across the state.

Dealers and Repairers

The FLHSMV is responsible for licensing and regulating motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, mobile home and recreational vehicle dealers in Florida.

It issues and renews licenses for qualified dealers according to state regulations.

The agency has investigative powers over consumer complaints against auto dealers and repair shops.

By overseeing dealers and repairers, the FLHSMV works to ensure ethical business practices in the sale and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Highway Safety and Education

Improving highway safety is another goal of the FLHSMV. The agency collects and analyzes crash reports to identify trends and high-risk areas.

It also conducts educational campaigns and oversees driver education programs to promote safe driving practices.

These efforts help enhance roadway safety through data analysis, targeted initiatives and public education.

Florida Highway Patrol

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is managed by the FLHSMV. The FHP enforces traffic laws, assists motorists, and provides security services in Florida.

Troopers perform commercial vehicle inspections, investigate crashes, and engage in interdiction efforts.

The patrol capabilities enhance law enforcement and safety across Florida roadways.