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What is the purpose of a lanyard attached to an engine cut-off switch?

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The purpose of a lanyard attached to an engine cut-off switch on a boat is to shut off the engine if the operator falls overboard or moves away from the helm.

The lanyard is worn by the operator, usually around the wrist or attached to a life jacket.

It is physically connected to the safety cut-off switch on the boat’s console.

If the operator falls overboard, the lanyard pulls out of the switch, triggering an engine shut down.

This prevents the boat from continuing to operate uncontrollably with its propeller spinning, which could strike the operator in the water or others in the area.

By tying the operator to the cut-off switch via a lanyard, it ensures the engine stops if the operator becomes unexpectedly separated from the helm.

This failsafe mechanism greatly reduces the risk of propeller strike injuries and deaths. The use of safety lanyards and cut-off switches is required by law for many recreational vessels today.

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