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How to Report a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

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Motorcycle crash reportTo report a motorcycle accident in Florida, you will need to fill out a Traffic Crash Report Form and submit it to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The process for filing an accident report in a motorcycle crash is similar to a regular car crash, but the police may require additional information about the incident.

How to Submit a Motorcycle Accident Report Form

First, stop immediately at the scene of the accident and make sure everyone involved is okay and gets medical attention if needed.

Then you’ll want to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver – the motorcyclist in this case.

Next, you’ll need to fill out a Traffic Crash Report Form within 10 days of the accident. You can usually get a copy of this form from the police if they come to the scene or you can print it online from the DHSMV website.

The report will ask for basic info like the location, date, time of the accident, the vehicles involved, any injuries or damage, and your contact/insurance details. Make sure to include as many details as possible even if the accident seemed minor.

Once you’ve filled out the motorcycle accident report form completely, submit it online. You can also deliver it by mail or in person to your closest Florida Highway Patrol office. Include any insurance or driver license information requested.

The police may contact you for additional details about the motorcycle crash to include in the police report. Aside from that, once you submit the report properly, you’ve done your part!

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