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Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage Is So Important

Posted January 8, 2020

Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, it is likely that you own a car.  According to Pew Research Center, about 88 percent of American adults owned a car in 2015.  With owning a vehicle comes the responsibility to carry some form of car insurance. However, this does not mean every person who drives… read more

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Traffic Safety on Tampa’s Bayshore Blvd

In May 2018, a mother and toddler were tragically hit and killed by a speeding motorist along Tampa’s scenic Bayshore Boulevard. This senseless and unspeakable loss of life inspired cries for a more pedestrian-friendly roadway. These concerns were recently heard at a city council meeting where Bayshore Boulevard was discussed. The popular roadway, favored by… read more

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Dram Shop Laws in the State of Florida

A dram shop law or statute is a term associated with liability for injuries caused by drunk drivers. Many states have enacted a dram shop law, but limitations and conditions vary from one state to the next. In general, dram shop laws refer to the idea that establishments which serve alcohol, like bars and nightclubs,… read more

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Tips for D.I.Y. Automotive Safety Inspection

Posted August 12, 2013

Numerous states in the northeast require an annual vehicle safety inspection. In fact, twenty states require some form of vehicle safety and/or emissions inspection every year. Although Floridians are not required to perform this annual examination, most multi-point inspections offered by dealerships and service stations will review these basic checkpoints for you. However, dealers and… read more

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