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Do You Have to Report a Car Accident in Florida?

Posted December 29, 2022

Getting into a car accident is a confusing time; you may not know what steps you are supposed to take after the crash, such as whether reporting is mandatory. Each state has different laws regarding when a driver is legally required to report a car accident. In Florida, you have to report a crash if… read more

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Florida Move Over Laws

Posted December 15, 2022

Every day, first responders and other emergency personnel put their lives at risk to protect others. In an effort to make their jobs safer, Florida and many other states have passed Move Over Laws. These laws require other drivers to pull to a stop, move over or reduce their speeds when emergency vehicles are approaching… read more

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Florida Crosswalk Laws

Posted December 1, 2022

Crosswalks are meant to provide safe places for pedestrians to cross the road in Florida. Unfortunately, they are often the settings of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Many pedestrian collisions occur because one or both parties don’t understand how Florida’s crosswalk laws work. Learning these laws could potentially prevent you from getting hit by a car while attempting… read more

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Florida Car Inspection Laws

Posted November 7, 2022

If you own a motor vehicle in Florida, it is important to keep it in good working condition. Your vehicle should be safe to drive, operate properly and be roadworthy. However, professional inspections and maintenance checks are not legally required for Florida vehicle owners. Unfortunately, this means that many drivers allow their vehicles to fall… read more

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Florida Subrogation Law

Posted October 21, 2022

Subrogation is a legal procedure that is most common in accidents where an insured person sustains damage to their property from an uninsured party. When an insurance policyholder sustains damage to their insured property, the insurer has an obligation to cover the cost of the damage per the insurance policy. Subrogation occurs when the insurance… read more

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Florida Car Insurance Laws

Posted September 30, 2022

Every driver in Florida – including residents who are only seasonal – must carry minimum required amounts of car insurance. Any vehicle with a current Florida registration must be properly insured under the state’s insurance laws. Driving without insurance is against the law and can come with fines and other penalties. It is also important… read more

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