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Premises Liability

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New Florida Laws May Affect Negligent Security Cases

Posted September 28, 2023

How Florida’s New Negligent Security Law May Affect Plaintiff’s Cases In a seismic shift that is reshaping the legal landscape of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has given his seal of approval to House Bill 837. This new legislation, known as the “tort reform” bill, carries a wide array of changes to the state’s tort law,… read more

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How to Prove Negligent Security in Florida

Posted September 25, 2023

Proving Negligent Security in Florida Safety is a fundamental right, and property owners and businesses have a legal obligation to provide a secure environment for their visitors and customers. Regrettably, there are times when inadequate security measures result in preventable accidents and criminal incidents, causing harm and distress to innocent individuals. In Florida, victims have… read more

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What to Do If You’ve Been Injured in an Accident in Florida While on Vacation

Florida is a great place for a vacation.  In fact, it’s one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists in the United States.  According to World Atlas, only California is visited more.  It’s easy to see why – Florida offers many beaches and parks as well as theme parks like Walt Disney World and… read more

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Florida’s Premises Liability and Dram Shop Laws – Why Allowing Underage Drinking in Your Home is a Bad Idea

Posted March 11, 2014

In the state of Florida, all private and commercial property owners are subject to certain liability provisions defined by state premises law. All residents of Florida bear the burden of general responsibility for the safety of any person who sets foot into their home or onto their property. Premises law applies especially to cases of… read more

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Understanding Florida Premises Liability

Posted January 27, 2014

Florida homeowners, private property owners, and commercial property owners are subject to liability provisions under premises law. All Florida residents share certain common responsibilities for the general safety of any person who enters their property including a home, retail store, or office. Homeowners and landowners are responsible for maintaining the conditions of each square foot of… read more

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