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Tampa’s Guide to Handling Hit-and-Run Car Accidents

Posted April 30, 2024

A hit-and-run car accident is one in which at least one of the parties involved flees the scene of the accident without stopping, exchanging information and fulfilling the other responsibilities bestowed upon drivers in Tampa. Hit-and-runs can have devastating consequences, as injured victims may suffer from dangerous delays in medical treatment. It is also more… read more

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Common Injuries From Car Accidents in Florida

Posted April 15, 2024

The mechanics of a car accident mean that a victim could suffer injury to virtually any part of the body in a crash. However, certain types of injuries are more commonly reported in car accident cases than others. If you or a loved one sustained an injury of any type in a motor vehicle collision… read more

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Hearing Loss After a Car Accident in Florida

Posted March 18, 2024

Hearing loss is often referred to as an “invisible injury” because there are no outward physical signs of hearing loss or impairment that are visible to others. Unfortunately, this can make hearing loss a difficult injury to prove during a Florida car accident claim. You may need the help of an attorney handling car accident… read more

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Is Florida a No-Fault State?

Posted March 3, 2024

Florida is one of just 12 states in the country that operate under a no-fault automobile insurance system. If you get involved in a car accident in Tampa, it is crucial that you understand the state’s no-fault law and how it will affect your ability to recover financial compensation for your medical bills and other… read more

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Are Uber and Lyft Liable for Your Injuries?

Posted February 29, 2024

Uber and Lyft currently have millions of active drivers on the road picking up riders around the world. As a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian in Florida, there is a chance that you will be involved in an accident with one of these rideshare company vehicles. In this scenario, find out when you could legally hold… read more

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Company Car Insurance Rules in Florida

Posted February 22, 2024

Millions of people drive every day as part of their jobs, including truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, rideshare drivers and police officers. If you get involved in a car accident while driving a company car, it can be difficult to understand who is liable, or responsible for paying for the crash. Businesses in Florida… read more

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