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Are Uber and Lyft Liable for Your Injuries?

Posted February 29, 2024

Uber and Lyft currently have millions of active drivers on the road picking up riders around the world. As a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian in Florida, there is a chance that you will be involved in an accident with one of these rideshare company vehicles. In this scenario, find out when you could legally hold… read more

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Company Car Insurance Rules in Florida

Posted February 22, 2024

Millions of people drive every day as part of their jobs, including truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, rideshare drivers and police officers. If you get involved in a car accident while driving a company car, it can be difficult to understand who is liable, or responsible for paying for the crash. Businesses in Florida… read more

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Most Common Car Accident Injuries         

Posted February 14, 2024

Each year, car accidents in Florida cause thousands of injuries that require emergency medical care and hospitalizations. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. If you sustain any type of injury in a car crash in Tampa, contact Vanguard Attorneys to discuss your ability to recover financial… read more

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What is a Sideswipe Collision?

Posted February 13, 2024

What is a Sideswipe Collision? A sideswipe collision, also known as a “lane change accident” or a “blind spot accident”, is a type of car accident that occurs when the sides of two vehicles make contact. This can happen when: Two vehicles traveling in the same direction brush against each other, often due to one… read more

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What If My Car Accident Involved a Pedestrian?

Posted February 7, 2024

In many busy and densely populated cities, such as the Tampa Bay area, pedestrian and vehicle traffic can intersect in dangerous ways. If your car accident involves a pedestrian, it is important to understand what steps to take immediately after the accident as well as during the insurance process to protect your rights. Steps to… read more

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What Happens When You Total a Financed Car?

Posted January 25, 2024

It can be difficult enough to know how to pay to replace a totaled vehicle that you own as a car accident victim; if you wreck a financed car in Florida, you may be at a loss as to where to recover compensation for a replacement – and how to pay the remaining balance on… read more

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