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How to Sue Uber as a Rider in Tampa

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Posted on August 31, 2023

A Guide to Filing a Lawsuit Against Uber as a Rider in Tampa, FL

If you’ve been injured in a car accident involving Uber or Lyft, follow this advice from the Tanpa Uber and Lyft lawyers at Vanguard Attorneys. As a personal injury law firm with over 30 years of experience, we understand the complexities of suing Uber as a rider. This guide outlines what you’ll need to build a case against Uber.

If you are considering suing Uber for a personal injury incident, contact Vanguard Attorneys today to discuss your case and take the first step towards justice. Call (813) 471-4444 for a free consultation with our team with no obligations. We’ll give you advice for your specific situation and help you navigate the legal process.

Write a Detailed Account of the Incident

Record clear and comprehensive details about the incident that led to your injuries or damages. The events that lead up to the incident, the accident itself, and the aftermath are all important to document. Include the exact location, date, and time of the incident, along with the weather conditions, lighting, and any potential hazards present at the scene. To sue Uber as a rider, it’s important that you document this information while your memory of incident is clear.

Collect Everyone’s Personal Information and Contact Details

One of the many benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that Vanguard Attorneys will perform an investigation of all the parties involved in the accident. Be sure to gather the contact information of anyone directly or indirectly involved in the accident including witnesses.

Try to get the full name, residential address, primary phone number, and email address of each party. This information will be critical to investigating the parties involved and establishing effective communication channels with each party if we need to follow-up with them during the case.

Gather Supporting Evidence

To successfully sue Uber as a rider, your lawyer must prove Uber’s liability and demonstrate the extent of damages you’ve suffered. Before suing Uber, the attorneys filing your claim will need to review all the relevant evidence. Follow these steps to ensure you have all the evidence needed for your personal injury claim:

Take Photographs and Videos of the Scene

Visual evidence, such as photographs and videos taken at the scene of the incident, can help preserve critical details that might otherwise fade with time. These can include images of property damage, road conditions, and injuries sustained.

Save Receipts, Texts, and Emails from Uber

Use your phone to screenshot your receipt from Uber in the app. Also make sure you have copies of any emails or texts you were sent related to the trip.

Document Medical Records and Bills

In personal injury cases, medical records play a pivotal role in establishing the extent of injuries and their impact on your well-being. Clients should furnish us with copies of medical records detailing the diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis provided by healthcare professionals. Additionally, any medical bills related to hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, or ongoing treatments should be shared with us to assess the financial losses incurred due to the incident.

Collect Witness Statements

If there were witnesses to the incident, we encourage clients to obtain their contact information and statements about what they saw or experienced. Witness testimonies can add credibility to your version of events and support your claim.

Gather Police Reports and Official Records of the Incident

If law enforcement responded to the incident, obtaining a copy of the official police report is vital. The report contains critical information about the parties involved, the officer’s observations, and any citations issued at the scene. Clients should also provide us with any incident reports completed by Uber or other relevant parties, as these documents can reveal additional details about the incident and their response to it.

Save Copies of Your Communication with Uber

Any communication you had with Uber or its representatives concerning the incident is essential to the case. This includes emails, messages, or phone calls exchanged with Uber’s customer support or legal department. Such correspondence may shed light on Uber’s acknowledgment of the incident and its responsibility or lack thereof. If you sue Uber and you case moves to trial, any communications with Uber will be brought as evidence to determine the company’s liability.

Review Relevant Agreements or Contracts

If you had any agreements or contracts with Uber at the time of the incident, it is crucial to share these documents with Vanguard Attorneys. User agreements, terms of service, or employment contracts may contain provisions that could impact the legal strategy and your rights in pursuing a legal claim against Uber.

Report Any Previous Legal Actions or Complaints

Being forthcoming about any prior legal actions or complaints involving Uber or similar incidents is essential. Understanding your history with the company and any past legal outcomes will help our attorneys tailor the legal approach and build a stronger case by demonstrating Uber’s pattern of irresponsible or unethical behavior.

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Call (813) 471-4444 for free advice on Uber from expert Uber accident attorneys. At Vanguard Attorneys, we are committed to standing by riders as they seek justice by suing companies like Uber and Lyft. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL, is dedicated to fighting for your rights and winning the compensation you deserve.

Follow this guide to ensure you have a detailed account of the incident, relevant evidence, and necessary documentation related to the case. That will give you the best position to fight for compensation. Contact us so we can help you build a strong case and navigate the legal process effectively.


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