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Motorcycle Accident

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8 Motorcycle Visibility Tips

Posted July 20, 2016

Florida’s sunshine makes it a great place to ride motorcycles. However, because there are so many motorcyclists in our state, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that we also have the most motorcycle fatalities in the nation. Although motorcyclists account for only seven percent of Florida motorists, 19 percent of all fatal accidents… read more

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Common Types of Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Injuries

Posted March 26, 2014

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents can involve abrupt collisions and potentially severe injuries to the rider. Even though motorcycles are faster and more powerful, a bicycle accident can be equally as devastating. A cyclist may crash or be struck by a motor vehicle while riding under 5 mph and can still sustain catastrophic, life-threatening injury. Wearing… read more

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Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents – Safety Reminders for Seasonal Riders

Posted March 21, 2014

Motorcycle riders can greatly reduce the odds of being in involved in a Tampa motorcycle collision by obeying traffic laws and instilling good riding habits. Defensive, attentive riding habits should always be in practice out on the road. As the summer riding season approaches, more motorcycles will be seen on the nation’s roads. The following safety… read more

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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and Statistics

Posted March 21, 2014

In the US, motorcycle accident fatalities have increased on average over the past decade, while fatalities in passenger-vehicle accidents have decreased. In 2012, the state of Florida ranked as the third highest state in the US for motorcycle accident fatalities. The US Department of Transportation and motorcycle safety experts feel that ramped-up, persistent efforts are… read more

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2 Fatal Motorcycle Accidents at Daytona Bike Week

Posted March 20, 2014

A motorcyclist from New York who traveled to Daytona to attend the Bike Week 2014 passed away in a local hospital after his motorcycle collided with an automobile. The fatal motorcycle crash marked the second accident-related fatality reported in either Volusia or Flagler counties during this year’s bike week, which kicked off on Friday, March 7th…. read more

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Two Motorcyclists Killed in Separate, Same-Day Tampa Area Crashes

Posted March 12, 2014

On Saturday, March 1, two motorcyclists were killed in two separate fatal motorcycle accidents, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The first of the two fatalities took place close to 1:34 p.m. A 23-year-old Tampa man riding a 1997 Suzuki 900 was travelling west on State Road 574 in the left-turn lane. At the same time,… read more

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