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What Is a Broadside Collision?

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Posted on June 6, 2023

A car accident of any kind can result in serious injuries and property damage. However, some types of collisions are generally more disastrous than others. A type of car accident that is typically severe is a broadside collision, also known as a T-bone accident or side-impact collision. This kind of crash often inflicts catastrophic or life-changing injuries on victims. If you get injured in a broadside collision in Tampa, contact a Tampa car crash attorney for assistance.

What Is a Broadside Collision?

A broadside collision occurs between the front of one vehicle and the side of another. It takes place when a driver crashes head-on into the broadside of another car. The vehicle struck could be hit on the driver or passenger side of the car. The two vehicles together will form a T shape, giving it the common name of “T-bone collision.” Broadside collisions are dangerous due to the ineffectiveness of seat belts and airbags in protecting vehicle occupants from side impacts. Safety features are not as effective in side-impact accidents as they are in front-end collisions. This can increase the severity of resultant injuries.

What Causes Broadside Collisions?

Broadside collisions often occur when one vehicle is not in the place where it legally should be – typically, at an intersection. Traffic patterns are established to help prevent multiple vehicles from being in the same place at the same time. At an intersection, for example, a driver should only proceed when given the green light or right-of-way. Entering an intersection at the wrong time can cause a broadside car accident. Common driver mistakes that cause these collisions include:

  • Dangerous left-hand turns
  • Running a red light
  • Rolling through a stop sign
  • Failing to yield to others
  • Driver distraction or inattention
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Reckless driving
  • Wrong-way driving
  • Road rage

Carless and reckless drivers can make errors behind the wheel that put others on the road in danger. Making an inappropriate or illegal maneuver could cause a driver to crash head-on into the side of another vehicle. However, some broadside collisions are due to malfunctioning traffic lights or other road defects. Determining the cause of a broadside collision is an important step in recovering from this type of crash financially. If your injuries are serious, you may have grounds to file a claim against the at-fault party outside of Florida’s PIP insurance system.

What Are Common Injuries Suffered in a Broadside Collision?

In a broadside collision, the point of impact is often directly next to the driver or passenger of a vehicle. The doors of a car are one of the weakest points on the average vehicle. This can increase the severity of a victim’s injuries. The driver or passenger’s body may absorb more of the energy from the impact, causing greater bodily harm. Some common injuries suffered in broadside collisions include:

Broadside collisions are known for being severe car accidents that can inflict immense damage on victims, both physically and emotionally. Survivors may suffer life-changing injuries and have to pay for expensive medical bills and property damage repairs. This is why it is important for crash victims to seek assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Tampa. An attorney can negotiate for fair compensation for a severe broadside accident on a victim’s behalf.