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Important Evidence in Car Accident Cases

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Posted on April 23, 2022

If you get involved in a car accident in Florida, there are important steps that you should take to prepare for the possibility of a lawsuit. While most car accident cases begin and end with no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance claims – which can provide benefits for a policyholder’s injuries without requiring proof of fault – some demand evidence of the other driver’s fault. Preserve the following types of evidence to support your car accident case in Tampa.

The Police Accident Report

One of the most important forms of evidence in a car accident case is the police report. A car insurance company will need as much information about the car crash as possible, including when and where it happened and who the accident involved. A police report will include these facts and other important details about the car accident. It may also include a police officer’s opinion of who is at fault, such as a driver who broke a traffic law. It is important to always call 911 after a car accident in Florida – even for a minor crash – so that you can obtain a police report for evidence.

Photographs and Video Footage

Before you leave the scene of a car accident in Tampa, do your best to obtain photographs and video footage to document the crash. Use your cell phone to capture the following, if possible:

  • Photographs of all vehicles involved
  • Close-up shots of property damage
  • Pictures of the inside of the other driver’s cab
  • Pictures of any crash debris on the road
  • Pictures of skid marks or other relevant details
  • Photographs of obscured traffic signs or road defects
  • Wide-lens shots of the entire crash scene

In addition to your own photos, it is also important to search for video footage of the crash, such as video from a GoPro camera, dashcam, traffic camera or nearby business’s surveillance camera.

Car Accident Eyewitness Accounts

Combined with photographs and video footage, accounts of a car accident from eyewitnesses can help investigators piece together how and why the crash occurred. Eyewitnesses may have information that no one else does, such as what a driver was doing in the moments leading up to the collision. Before you leave the scene of a car accident, speak to eyewitnesses and collect their names and phone numbers so that you can obtain signed statements later.

Expert Witness Testimony

One form of evidence that may require assistance from a car accident attorney in Tampa is expert witness testimony. An expert witness is someone with extensive knowledge or first-hand experience in a subject that is relevant to your case, such as bodily injuries, medical care, traffic patterns or accident reconstruction. An expert witness can be brought in to speak to a judge or jury about a confusing topic and shed light on key issues.

The Victim’s Medical Records

You will also need proof of your losses for a successful car accident claim in Florida. Medical records can serve as important evidence of your car accident injuries. Copies of your x-rays, notes from your doctor, an official diagnosis and your treatment plan can all prove to an insurance company or jury that your injuries exist and were caused by the car accident. Even if you plan on filing a PIP claim in Florida, you will need proof that you went to a hospital and received professional medical care within 14 days of your car accident. Otherwise, your car insurance company will reject your claim.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer for Assistance Obtaining Important Evidence

If you or a loved one gets hurt in a car accident in Tampa, contact Vanguard Attorneys for help in building a car accident claim and collecting important evidence. Our lawyers can immediately go to work on your case, making phone calls and filing subpoenas to preserve key evidence. Then, we will use a personalized legal strategy to fight for maximum financial compensation on your behalf. Request your free consultation by calling (813) 680-2007 today.