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If you are injured while staying at an Airbnb in Tampa, Florida, you may be able to file a premises liability claim against the Airbnb host for compensation.

Florida is the most visited state in the country and many residents have decided to rent their homes to tourists through Airbnb.

Airbnb has become a popular alternative to hotels, but short-term rental properties in Florida are rarely inspected for safety and don’t have to follow the same strict regulations as hotels.

If a guest staying at an Airbnb gets hurt because the property was unsafe, the owner of the Airbnb may be liable to pay for the guests’ medical bills and other damages.

At Vanguard Attorneys, our Airbnb lawyers have the skills needed to fight for the rights of guests who have been harmed due to a property owner’s negligence.

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Tampa Airbnb lawyer

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Airbnb Rental Safety Requirements in Tampa

In Florida, Airbnb hosts are legally required to keep their rental properties in a safe condition for guests.

Property owners who rent out homes on Airbnb must regularly inspect their properties for hazards, provide proper security measures, and fix any dangerous conditions in a timely manner.

The safety requirements for Airbnb rental properties are established under Florida’s premises liability laws.

Per Florida Statute § 768.0710, property owners and occupiers must maintain their premises in a safe condition and protect visitors from foreseeable hazards.

As temporary innkeepers, Airbnb hosts have the same duties as hotels and motels when it comes to guest safety.

Airbnb owners must take reasonable steps to find and address any potentially dangerous issues on their property.

This includes things like poor lighting, tripping hazards, lack of security, etc. Hosts must fix these problems promptly.

If a hazard cannot be repaired, the host must provide clear warnings to guests about the danger. This should include warning signs, barriers, disclosures in the rental listing, and directly informing guests of the safety risk.

Under Florida law, Airbnb guests are classified as “invitees”. Property owners owe invitees the highest duty of care, meaning rental hosts are held to a higher standard than regular homeowners.

Violation of applicable safety codes and regulations at the rental property, such as building codes or pool safety rules, can also constitute negligence by the host. This makes proving liability easier if a guest is injured as a result of such a violation.

To be found liable, an injured Airbnb guest would need to show that the host was negligent, failed to keep their property safe, and that hazards on the property led to the guest’s injuries.

Why Choose Our Tampa Airbnb Attorneys

Dealing with an injury while traveling is frustrating, especially when you were injured because your Airbnb was unsafe.

You deserve the best lawyers for your Airbnb lawsuit. Our attorneys will take care of everything, so you can focus on recovering while we handle your case against Airbnb.

Here’s why our team at Vanguard Attorneys is the right choice for your Airbnb injury claim:

  • Our Tampa premises liability lawyers hold decades of combined legal experience representing injury victims. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to advocate for your maximum award.
  • We take all cases on a contingency fee basis to limit your out-of-pocket commitment. If we do not secure compensation on your behalf, you will not be charged any legal fees.
  • We are a trusted local firm with strong ties to the Tampa community. Our lawyers will leverage our resources and relationships to strengthen your claim.

Call (813) 471-4444 to discuss your case with an Airbnb lawyer today. Our vacation rental attorneys will evaluate your case and determine if you have a valid lawsuit against the property owner or the Airbnb platform.

Common Airbnb Injuries in Florida

Common Airbnb injuries

Some common examples of hazards that could lead to premises liability claims against Airbnb hosts include:

  • Slippery floors or steps
  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Unsecured railings or balconies
  • Lack of working smoke detectors
  • Poor security leading to criminal incidents
  • Exposed electrical wiring or other fire hazards

If you were injured due to any unreasonably dangerous condition like this at an Airbnb rental, the host may be liable for your damages through a premises liability claim.

What to Do If You’re Injured at an Airbnb

Airbnb guests in Tampa, Florida

If you suffer any injury while staying at an Airbnb property in Florida, there are some important steps you should take to protect your legal rights:

  1. Report the incident – Immediately notify the Airbnb host about your injury and the hazardous condition that caused it. Make sure they create an official incident report.
  2. Document everything – Take photos/videos of the dangerous condition that led to your injury, as well as visible wounds or damage. Get contact information from any witnesses.
  3. Seek medical attention – Get professional medical treatment, even if you think your injuries are minor. This will create official records documenting your injuries.
  4. Contact a lawyer – Speak to an experienced Tampa Airbnb injury lawyer about your legal options for seeking compensation from the host or their insurance.

Florida Statute of Limitations for Airbnb Injury Claims

In the state of Florida, you generally have four years from the date of injury to file a premises liability lawsuit against an Airbnb host or property owner. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations.

While four years may seem like a long time, it is best to initiate your claim as soon as possible after an Airbnb injury. Prompt action allows your lawyer to collect evidence while it is still fresh and accessible.

Filing an Airbnb Liability Insurance Claim

Airbnb injury attorney

According to the Airbnb liability insurance terms, hosts can claim up to one million dollars of liability insurance coverage if they are found legally responsible for a guest’s injuries or property damage.

Thanks to Airbnb’s liability insurance, plaintiffs who successfully sue Airbnb hosts can recover compensation even if the property owner can’t personally afford to pay the verdict or settlement.

The insurance policy also covers people who work with the host, like co-hosts and cleaners if they are held liable in a lawsuit.

Guests can submit Airbnb’s liability insurance intake form to file a claim, however you should talk to a lawyer before submitting the form.

An experienced Airbnb lawyer will help you write a detailed incident description with evidence that proves the host was liable under Florida law.

If you submit the insurance claim form without consulting a lawyer, you may leave out important details, making it harder to defend your claim in the future.

Contact Our Tampa Airbnb Lawyers Today

If you or someone you know was hurt while staying at an Airbnb rental property, don’t wait to seek justice.

The Tampa Airbnb lawyers at Vanguard Attorneys are here to help.

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