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Vanguard’s Sean Shaw and Arthenia Joyner Appointed to Independent Oversight Committee (IOC)

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Posted on March 4, 2019

Vanguard Attorneys is proud to announce the appointment of Sean Shaw, to the independent oversight committee (IOC). The selection of Shaw comes after Arthenia Joyner was appointed as the first member of IOC late last year. The two Vanguard Attorneys team members will join a 13-member committee that is expected to oversee different projects that will improve transportation and safety measures for Hillsborough County.

Speaking in December, Brian Willis an Attorney and one of the leaders of All for Transportation the group who collected over 50,000 signatures to get the sales tax placed on the ballot said

“Voters demanded safer roads, reduced traffic congestion and expanded options so that everyone in the county, no matter where they live, benefits.”

In the first year, the one-cent sales tax is expected to raise money to the tune of $280 million. Initial plans indicate that 54% of this will be earmarked for roads, trails, and sidewalks as well as safety. The other 45% will go to transit and bus for the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) while the other 1% will be allotted to administrative expenses, IOC, annual audit.

The appointment of Shaw and Joyner to IOC is a clear reflection of Vanguard Attorney’s relentless commitment to serving the community and advocating for the rights of the citizens of Hillsborough County and across Florida. Through their work, the two have proven to be determined fiscal stewards for Florida’s community while being laser-focused on the needs of the people. With their appointments to the IOC, there’s no doubt that both public servants will continue to move our community forward.

With a wealth of experience working with those injured while in transit, Joyner and Shaw bring keen insight into just how devastating accidents can be. Having served the State of Florida for decades, their desire and commitment to representing the interest of the Tampanians and Floridians at large is unquestionable.

Shaw explained that, “improving safety and transportation measures for Hillsborough County will create ripples of good in our community. We spend a great deal of time in transit and with that comes inherent risks. Our committee is working to ensure we mitigate risks and improve transportation measures overall.”

Whether it’s monitoring expenses, ensuring Surtax Proceeds have been distributed as provided in the Charter Amendment or reviewing and helping to put in action citizen proposals, the IOC will be focused on putting the public’s need for safety and better transportation first.