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8 Students and 1 Driver Injured in Riverview School Bus Accident

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Posted on April 10, 2014

On Friday March 28th, officials from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded to a traffic accident involving a Hillsborough County school bus that took place on Progress Boulevard in Riverview during the afternoon hours. The school bus accident blocked one of the eastbound lanes of traffic on Progress Boulevard for a few hours.

According to Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, the traffic accident involved a Spoto High School bus and two other automobiles. Fire rescue officials reported that at total of six high school students were driven to the hospital by their parents – citing complaints of minor injuries. Two more high school students were taken to Brandon Hospital by ambulance and treated for non-life threatening injuries. All of the students aboard the bus were over the age of 14. One driver from one of the other vehicles involved in the school bus accident was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Officials noted that the injuries being treated on scene primarily consisted of lower back injuries.

Riding the School Bus – Safety Tips for All Kids

  • Find a seat and sit down promptly – it is important to listen to the bus driver in case there are any special instructions students may need to follow.
  • Do not leave your seat until the bus arrives at your stop and remain seated at all times.
  • Keep backpacks, bags, and books out of the aisle, as they can trip others or block the way to the emergency exit.


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